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Shrenik Park, Opp. Akota Stadium, Akota, Vadodara

Agencies Staffing and Supervision

Agencies Staffing and Supervision

Welcome to a realm of impeccable agency staffing and vigilant supervision, where the
seamless harmony of operations meets the highest standards of excellence. Our
Agencies Staffing and Supervision services are the bedrock of efficient medical
tourism, ensuring that your institution’s journey towards exceptional patient
care is unwavering and smooth.

As a trailblazer in medical tourism solutions, we understand the dynamic demands
of healthcare institutions. Our extensive network enables us to source agency
staff that perfectly complement your requirements, whether it’s for temporary
positions or specialized roles. Our rigorous selection process guarantees a
cadre of professionals who mirror your institution’s dedication to quality.

Supervision is our watchword. We undertake the meticulous oversight of agency staff,
ensuring that they seamlessly integrate into your team while adhering to
established protocols. Our vigilant eye guarantees that every member of your
staff – permanent or temporary – contributes to the harmonious and efficient
functioning of your institution.

Transparency and accountability govern our approach. Regular assessments and feedback
mechanisms ensure that agency staff consistently meet the high standards set by
your institution. Our supervision extends beyond mere oversight – it is a
commitment to excellence that mirrors your own.

In the intricate dance of medical tourism, agency staffing is a crucial partner.
Our services ensure that your institution is well-equipped with skilled
professionals, no matter the demand. We navigate the complexities of temporary
staffing, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional
patient experiences.

Let us be your conductor, guiding your institution towards an unrivaled symphony of
success. Partner with us for a future of flawless operations and exceptional
patient care.

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    98,5% client satisfaction rate!

    Here are a few of their testimonials

    Very well executed the policies and strategies for business development by understanding the strength of hospital and requirement of patients, great work in coordination with patients and consultants and providing end to end requirement at single stop. Focusing on development of all branches for development via various means like digital marketing, physical marketing, CAMPS, CME’s and reaching to all peripheries, best team for value addition of your existing branch or solo practice for business development very satisfied with management and operation and very trustworthy team of the institute.

    Dr. Shailesh Soni

    MCH Plastic and reconstructive surgeon

    Very Professional work and Management by BHC SPL team with rigorous follow up and coordination with external Insurance companies and hospital for cashless tie-up’s and SOC revision. Very professional in managing outside patients in coordination with outside doctos and inhouse medical team. Best wishes for future to the entire team.

    Dr. Sagar Gupta MS Orthopedic

    Owner Mangalam Orthopedic Hospital

    Excellent team work and very great execution in terms of Operation and Management with Omni presence for development of all the branches and total development of Hospital with great knowledge in terms of Recruitment of doctors, Nurses, other staff, procurement of medical equipment, furniture and other required amenities. Excellent Management and professional approach in terms of finance management, Government compliances for business development and good coordination with internal and external audience.

    Shri Jayantibhai Panchal

    Trustee Narayan Smruti Multispeciality Hospital