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Shrenik Park, Opp. Akota Stadium, Akota, Vadodara

Pharmacy and Diagnostic Services

Pharmacy and Diagnostic Services

We recognize the vital role of efficient pharmacy and diagnostic services in the success of healthcare institutions. Our team is dedicated to assisting hospitals in establishing well-organized pharmacies and diagnostic facilities that uphold the highest standards of patient care. In pharmacy services, we work closely with hospitals to set up fully functional and well-stocked pharmacies. We understand that timely access to a comprehensive range of medications and supplies is essential for effective patient treatment. Our expert team ensures that the pharmacy is equipped with the necessary inventory, adheres to proper storage practices, and follows stringent quality control measures. For diagnostic services, we offer comprehensive consultation and support to establish state-of-the-art laboratory and imaging facilities within hospitals. Accurate and timely diagnostics are critical for precise medical evaluations and treatment decisions. Our team assists in procuring advanced diagnostic equipment, setting up efficient workflows, and implementing quality assurance protocols to ensure accurate and reliable test results. At Baroda Health Care, we prioritize patient well-being and seamless healthcare operations. By collaborating with us, hospitals can enhance their pharmacy and diagnostic capabilities, leading to improved patient outcomes and enhanced patient satisfaction. We understand that pharmacy and diagnostic services form the backbone of every successful healthcare institution. With our expertise and dedication to excellence, we empower hospitals to deliver exceptional patient care and stay at the forefront of medical advancements. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare services by optimizing pharmacy and diagnostic offerings. Together, let’s build a healthcare environment that prioritizes accuracy, efficiency, and patient-centric care.

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    Here are a few of their testimonials

    Very well executed the policies and strategies for business development by understanding the strength of hospital and requirement of patients, great work in coordination with patients and consultants and providing end to end requirement at single stop. Focusing on development of all branches for development via various means like digital marketing, physical marketing, CAMPS, CME’s and reaching to all peripheries, best team for value addition of your existing branch or solo practice for business development very satisfied with management and operation and very trustworthy team of the institute.

    Dr. Shailesh Soni

    MCH Plastic and reconstructive surgeon

    Very Professional work and Management by BHC SPL team with rigorous follow up and coordination with external Insurance companies and hospital for cashless tie-up’s and SOC revision. Very professional in managing outside patients in coordination with outside doctos and inhouse medical team. Best wishes for future to the entire team.

    Dr. Sagar Gupta MS Orthopedic

    Owner Mangalam Orthopedic Hospital

    Excellent team work and very great execution in terms of Operation and Management with Omni presence for development of all the branches and total development of Hospital with great knowledge in terms of Recruitment of doctors, Nurses, other staff, procurement of medical equipment, furniture and other required amenities. Excellent Management and professional approach in terms of finance management, Government compliances for business development and good coordination with internal and external audience.

    Shri Jayantibhai Panchal

    Trustee Narayan Smruti Multispeciality Hospital